Indie Personality Test Points

1. a. 3 b. 5. c. 1

2. a. 5 b. 1 c. 1

3. a. 5, b. 1

4. a. 3, b. 1, c. 5, d. 3

5. a. 5, b. 3, c. 1

6. a.5, b. 3, c. 1

7. a. 1, b.5, c. 1

8. a. 3, b. 5, c. 1

9. a. 1, b. 5, c. 3

10. a. 1, b. 5 c. 1

11. a. 5, b.1

12. a. 3 b. 5

13. a. 5, b. 1, c.3, d.3, e. 1, f. 1, g. 1, h. 1, i. 1, j. 1,

14. a. 5, b. 1, c. 3

15. a. 1 (because they broke up), b. 5, c. 1, d. 1, e. 1

16. a. 3 b. 5, c. 5, d. 1

78-90: Indie guru: You know what it is to live the Indie life, and you are single-handedly leading the charge to against mainstream media dribble. In fact, you know the next who the big bands are before the bands themselves know.

52-77: Closet Indie Fan: You know your stuff, but may not be as up front about it. You may surprise people during a commercial when you can can name a band or song being played, and you even may have some of the earlier albums of Indie bands who are now big (like the Decemberists, Interpol, and Death Cab).

26-51: Indie Bandwaggoner: You are an up and coming Indie lifestyler. You usually wait to until everyone else is on board first, but you recognize a good thing, even if your friends don’t…you just don’t do much about it until everyone else does.

16- 25: Indie Grass Grazer: You’re content to follow the crowd, and may not know or care who the bands are…you’re just happy to be having a good time, and you go where the green grass grows.

One thought on “Indie Personality Test Points

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