The Else – High-Powered Goodness, Rich Diversion


Ok, so it’s been out for a few months…my birthday didn’t come until this month, so I had to wait before I got this one (It’s an Indie Girl rule that TMBG cd’s that come out in the same year as my birthday must wait until my birthday before purchasing them).

So the question is, was it worth the wait? It depends on how many times you listen to it before you decide. For me, my first impression was way off. After my first run-through, I dubbed this another “Mink Car”…a notable song or two with filler.

Not so. In fact, it takes at least 3x through before you realize the greatness that is this album. To say it grows on you is an understatement. Mixed in with the usual charm and diversion that is TMBG music, Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love have kicked the music up about 10 notches without losing their unique style that has made them one of the greatest Indie bands of all time.

“With the Dark” is an incredibly unique song that mixes at least 4 different tunes into one cohesive masterpiece. Think “Fingertips” from Apollo 18, but all on one track and sans the “please pass the milk please” nuttiness (though, you’ve gotta love this line, “I’m getting tired of all my nautical themes / Bustin’ my pirate hump / Rockin’ my peg-leg stump”.

“Upside Down Frown” is a sarcastic and satirical look at relationships that you’ve got to hear at least 2x before you realize what John’s actually trying to say. “Bee of the Bird of the Moth” is this album’s throw-back to classic TMBG style. (For The Spine, it was “Museum of Idiots”…one of my all-time favorites).

And then there’s the usual TMBG nuttiness: “The Cap’m” is a witty ditty that lyrically reminds me of “Dr. Worm”…”People seem to think you can’t be called the cap’m unless you drive a boat/ Well, I don’t–I don’t”.

And through all of this, they maintain that unique sound. In fact, listening to it for just the second time, my 2 year old yelled out: “Giants Dad!!! Giants!”

All in all, yet another great album from TMBG.

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