The Annuals – Eclectic but enjoyable


Mixing a melodious sound reminiscent of recent Wheat, the Annuals Be He Me is quite eclectic. On some tracks it’s electronic, and minutes later it’s indie acoustics. The one thing that I usually have against Indie music is that artists often ditch a catchy melody in favor of experimental movements in music. This one has the best of both worlds. It can be utterly drab in some moments, and completely catchy on others. If you want a sampling of how good this album can be, try “Bleary Eyed” and “The Bull and the Goat” which are utterly singable, without sounding too “Poppy”.

One thing that usually “gets” me hyped about an indie track is an artists’ ability to infuse a nice piano mix into the music. This is one thing the Annuals have going for them, especially on the tracks “Father” and “Complete or Completing,” which feature a classy piano movement.

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