Indie is…

I know what Indie is. You probably know what Indie is, but do you think we’d agree? This blog is dedicated to defining Indie through my own Indie eyes. I think my Indie adventures began when I was 12 years old, thumbing through the “no-name” section at the local record store to find a jewel. You’ve probably had a completely different experience….

so what I’d like to do is get a list of definitions of what you think Indie is. What does it mean to be Indie? Is it just music or is it a lifestyle?

For a little promotional fun, I’ll be posting the best answers on a tab of this blog WITH a link to your own blog (if you have one). So, fame and fortune all for a quick definition. So…what are you waiting for? Add a comment and finish this statement:

Indie is…

7 thoughts on “Indie is…

  1. That is a really good example of a indie lifestyle. I usually go to the record store on the other side of town and it takes me 45 minutes to get there and I spend hours finding old records like fat Waller and al Jolson ( if u don’t know who they are that’s the point) I think the indie lifestyle is better than the norm. Every chance I get I go to urban outfitters that place is like indie heaven. Also most of my friends are into the life style as well. I wish there were more people like us

  2. Indie is the kind of music that dares go outside of the mainstream. When I go into a record store, my friends have to (literally) drag me out. Earlier I new no one with the same taste in music as me. Lately that has changed and I’ve come to realize how amazing these oddballs of society are. I’ve found I belong among them. Indie is the greatest way of life and the greatest music one will find.

  3. I do belive indie is awsum! i mean i was a metal head in a Metal band. I never really felt like i belonged. Like it was so hard to write metal songs and i was hard to relate to the crowd of metal heads. I made the switch to indie and i was amazed at the difference. I could write songs how ever i wanted and use any idea i wanted. i could throw in some odd notes or use very ugly sounding chords and still make a good song. Indie to Me is Freedom.

    1. Thanks Hillel. You aren’t the only Metal Head turned Indie Enthusiast…Conner “Bright Eyes” Oberst was a metal head in a previously life…

  4. Indie is and will always be bands that are under their own independent label. Mainly out of main stream and do free concerts.
    Sadly it has become a whole different meaning. Caring deeply about the animals and environment, discussing why you are vegan while you chain smoke cigarette (ironic) Wearing american apparel and urban outfitters to appear at ease and homey looking even though you spent 40 dollars on a t-shirt.

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