Amazon Sucks

Weeks ago, I pre-ordered the new Death Cab for Cutie CD “Narrow Stairs” through Amazon so I could review it early on this site. Trying to get the free shipping, I also pre-ordered Cold Play’s Viva la Vida and the next book in the Stephenie Meyer “Twilight” series, Breaking Dawn. In spite of all my efforts to the contrary, Amazon is intent on sending me everything when the Meyer book comes out (in August).

So, rather than getting a nice review of Ben Gibbard’s new stuff…I get to review Amazon’s service for pre-ordering. So here you go:

It Sucks.

Yes, you can quote me. Even though I specifically requested the contrary, they did what was best for them, and went ahead and labeled my purchases to be shipped all together. So there you have it. If you want to pre-order something, AND you were hoping to get it before the rest of the Western Hemisphere got it so that you’d have at least the jump on a few people for a review…don’t go through Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Sucks

  1. Amazon not only sucks, but those SOB’s stole close to $5000.00 from me. They suspend my account with perfect feedback and with out reason, then they say they will hold my funds for 90 days or more.

    They said that 1 1/2 months ago. And get this; they can extend that period every 90 days after another review. What a crude bunch of thieves.

    They really know how to make you feel like a worthless prostitute. At least prostitutes, receive pay for their work.

    Bird Tech Stores

    Formerly an Amazon Seller. Now a Amazon Victim.

    Do not buy or sell from Amazon.. Horrendous is an understatement.
    → comment by mary on amazon on June 3, 2009

    I experienced exactly what the other authors above went through. Now I know why they got rid of the Mafia ! So they could usher in the Amazon Mob.

    They make you a offer you cant refuse. Then they take your money. If you want to steal.

    Set up a business like Amazon, then Steal until your heart is content and your pockets are full. After all , there is not a lot you can do directly.

    But indirectly, spreading the word has a very powerful effect. So keep spreading it………………….

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