Of Djinni’s and Juno’s

Ok, so I’ll make this short…but I’m always amazed at the keywords that draw people to this site*. Here are the most recent keyword:

Djin Bartimaeus: I’m actually the top ranking site in Google for that keyword! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? BRING ON THE AD MONEY!

amazon sucks: On the second page of Google for this one…so either a bunch of people who hate Brazilian tropics are finding my site, or not many people like Amazon.com.

happy shiny fits of rage meaning: And the 2008 award for most eclectic and head-scratching key word referent for my site goes to….SERIOUSLy, I have NO clue what this means.

Scripp Spelling Bee: Yep, page number one on Google again…can I smell a scholarship brewing? Yeah, I’m a doctoral student…I could use the funds.

*As an aside–my other blog, which is dedicated to research and practice in communication and public relations, always has “Hello Kitty” as its top “key word referrer”…I did one blog post on Hello Kitty being used by the Police somewhere in Asia and I’m “branded” for life…oops, the Hello Kitty traffic will all come here now!

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