Viva La Vida OR an Ipod Song and all his friends

Cold PlayJust got the new Coldplay CD. You know, I never thought that Cold Play could do better than the 04 classic – Rush of Blood to the Head…and after I got this new CD, I’m convinced…I’m still right. Even their last release, which was catchy and fun, but was too formulaic for me. This one, though, pales in comparison to even the popsy-put-together that was X&Y.

Viva La Vida isn’t only substandard, it’s like they wrote a cool song for the current Ipod commercial and then said, “Hey, let’s lay down a bunch of tracks we’ve been putting off for a few years and get some run while the commercial is hot.” Really, it’s 9 songs (the first song is a musical intro) and none of them are really noteworthy. In fact, it makes sense that this one was released on Itunes first…they’re trying to save people money on the purchase…get the whole CD for 8.99 (you can skip the first track)…it’s better than buying it for 15+ at the store.

I have to say, I think Coldplay is one of the cutting edge Indie Bands…they’ve built their sound into something mainstream, but haven’t really left it. This one, though, just doesn’t cut it.

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