The Potter Plotline

Ok, it’s been a year since the official end of the Harry Potter craze…and sure, Jo Rowling and WB will do their best to keep it going with a theme park, and splitting the 7th movie into two movies (what will they call them, Harry Potter 7a and 7b?). But I’m wondering when the official “This is a Potter” Plotline reference will be made for the first time…you know, when someone says, this is another Harry Potter story. It’s akin to the reference to a story as a Dickens story, or something to that effect. The Potter plotline goes something like this: a little boy who has little to no value in society, is repressed, blah blah blah, discovers a secret power that makes him all of a sudden important, goes through the hard knocks to meet his destiny and succeed. Along the way, there are sacrifices, tragedy, but all adds up to make the hero of the story.

I guess you could say that that IS the Dickens plotline, but that totally destroys my point, so I’ll move on…pretend I didn’t mention that.

I bring this up because I’m starting to find that a lot of books follow the Potter plotline. The Bartimaeus trilogy is one example, but it would be unfair to limit that great book series in that way (plus, the trilogy is more about power than it is about a young boy who becomes something great).

Actually, a recent book that I started reading and had to put down is what inspired this tangent…Rick Riordan’s Lightning Thief. The Indie Girl and I checked this one out on the recommendation of friends who said it was one of the best books they had read. In short, we only got through the first fourth of the book before we were quickly tired by it…it’s all about a boy who’s labeled a trouble maker who eventually finds out that he is a hero in waiting and he goes to a summer camp to learn skills. It’s a carbon copy of the Potter Plotline, only it’s set against real life Greek Mythology, rather than magicians and witches.

In short, I think it’s been fantastic that Jo Rowling’s work has inspired worldwide reading…I’m just concerned that it’s also inspired worldwide copying and pasting…expanding the story to limitless backgrounds and situations.

2 thoughts on “The Potter Plotline

  1. JR Rowling did not make up this plotline. It’s the classic hero’s journey and has been around since man told his first tale. If this is the first your noticing you need to read more and watch more movies. Star Wars is a famous example, but only one of thousands.

    1. Yes, good point Maggie. JK Rowling (it’s JK, not JR…you might want to read more or watch more movies…just kidding) did not invent it. In fact, most of the stuff in her books is borrowed from classic narratives and characters. Even she admits that. I simply used the “potter plotline” for convenience and for the alliteration.

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