A Boy and His Tiger

And so it goes with God. These words will now haunt me. The last words that Pi Patel utters in Yann Martel’s triumph: Life of Pi. I was enraptured by Martel’s story-telling, his thought-provoking philosophy wrapped into the most beautiful language I have EVER read in novel. But the ending…the ending, that’s what will keep me awake at night. I won’t tell you the ending, but I will say this: Life of Pi is a must-read. And if you want the real experience, listen to it on your Ipod–Jeff Woodman (the narrator) is nothing short of brilliant. Martel’s book–a thoughtful and riveting adventure about a shipwrecked boy stuck on a boat with a Bengal Tiger–is a never-ending stream of up and down, tragedy, triumph, chaos and order. I have never read such a beautiful fictional story in my life–in fact, I couldn’t help but wonder if it were true. I’d like to believe it’s true, after all, I think that’s how Pi Patel would want it. That is the brilliance of this book. You feel like you know Pi. You feel like it was real.

And that’s all I’ll say about this boy and his tiger. You’ll have to read it to experience it.

Ok, maybe I’ll say just one more thing, Martel’s boy and tiger made me reminisce about another wonderful story about a boy and his tiger:

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