Canon Rebel Piano Music

I’ve always been fascinated by how TV commercials and advertising, of all things, have now become a legitimate outlet for launching music.  Dare I say, I’ve actually started to enjoy some TV commercials because of the music that they feature…one such commercial is the Cannon Rebel commercial with the enrapturing piano piece.

Every time I see the commercial I put a post-it note on my brain to search for the song title and composer. The result: after 30 seconds of searching I came up with: “Sacred Noise” by Michael Montes

There’s even a tutorial on YouTube:

5 thoughts on “Canon Rebel Piano Music

    1. You know, I’m not sure if it’s available. Last I read, the guy who composed it was planning on producing an album, so I’m sure it will be available for download soon.

      1. B.G.; funny how you say the composer may be coming out with a CD soon; he’s considered (for many years) to be one of the foremost composers of his time… he’s no newbie! He was nominated for an academy award in 2000 or 2001, can’t remember now… but he had done scores of television comercials, as well as contributed to hundreds of musical albums for various artists of almost every genre.

      2. thanks for pointing this out, Mac. I stand corrected. I believe I must have been going off of false information….Has he actually produced an album with that song on it then? If so, let us all know…I think we’re all looking for it.

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