Twilight Music

twilight_200806041504Anyone who has read the Twilight Book series by Stephenie Meyer knows that a major part of each book is the soundtracks Stephenie listens to while writing (Muse usually gets top billing). I have to admit, it’s been one of the draws of the books because the power of the music is written into each agonizing experience and woven into the haunting tapestries of the book series. If you’re like me, you may have been anticipating the soundtrack as much, if not more, than you anticipated the movie. Well, since I’m planning on taking the Indie Girl to see the movie for her birthday this week, I thought I’d get into the Twilight mood and listen to the soundtrack….and after a first glimpse, I have to admit, it’s not as powerful or even “twilight-worthy” as I was expecting.

First of all, letting Perry Farrell headline any soundtrack is probably a bad idea. But at least that song has the same feel of the songs listed in the books. But the rest of the CD isn’t all that spectacular, and I’m disappointed. It sounds more power punk than haunting. And where it diverges, it’s odd. Robert “Edward Cullen” Pattinson is trying to break into music now? And I never imagined Iron and Wine a goth-type outfit.

The only Muse appearance is Supermassive Blackhole, which isn’t as powerful as most of their toons. Come on guys, can’t you write a new song for the girl who has single-handedly converted a whole new market of raving pre-teen girls to the Muse nation? (Ok, maybe I answered my own question there)

I will admit, the high point is The Black Ghosts’ “Full Moon”. Fantastic piece.

But other pieces by Linkin Park, Mutemath, and Collective Soul (really, they’re still around?!) are more of the same, and don’t do anything for me.  I also don’t think Paramore is the greatest fit here, but the music isn’t that bad.

I wonder what Stephenie thinks about this selection?

BTW…reviews on Breaking Dawn (yes, finally) and the Twilight Movie are coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Twilight Music

  1. why is it a bad idea letting Perry headline a Soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

    who are YOU to say say a thing!???

    lets not forget Alternative Music and

    Lollapalooza homie

    and all the other amazing music discovered because of this..

    im actualy offended you would make such a claim….

  2. Yes, Collective Soul is still around and touring the world. They start recording another album in January. I am looking forward to seeing this movie, I have read the first 3 books, havent had a chance to start on Breaking Dawn yet but I have two copies lol.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Mick: I was actually being sarcastic, I just haven’t heard anything of substance from Collective Soul for a while, though I’ve been waiting for it…

    Jimi: Who am I to say such a thing? Well, my bio is on the side if you need to know…lol…But seriously, I recognize Perry Farrell’s recognition, but honestly, I’ve never been a fan…Jane’s Addiction was nice (Classic Girl I think was their best song), PFP was ok, but I just don’t like him that much…sorry, just personal preference. I’m sure you could say the same thing that I said about Perry about half of the bands I idolize…so point taken. I think I’m most upset that Muse, the unofficial band of the Twilight series, didn’t have a stronger presence. And no Arcade Fire? That’s sheer craziness…

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