Music Heroes: Danny Elfman

I think a good part of being Indie is finding your love of music in odd places. Danny Elfman has always been one of my heroes. His music is what drove me from the mainstream to find more enrapturing music…and funny thing is, I’m not talking about his Oingo Boing stuff. Nope. It was Beetlejuice.

Why talk about this now? Well, there’s a new interview on Hollywood Reporter (forwarded to me from my partner in Oingo-Boingo-ness…we’ll call him Mr. B Natural to protect the innocent) featuring Danny Elfman and other composers:

Funny thing is, Danny Elfman had a similar encounter with music as I did…same age, some odd movie, and then a life of loving intriguing but different music.

Elfman: “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Bernard Herrmann…I must have been 12, and it was the first time that I became aware that there is a personality behind music. Until then, I just thought music rolled out of a machine. It was that movie that I noticed the music, and I noticed the name, and I realized that somebody did this. (After that) I started looking for Herrmann’s name every time I would go to the movies.

Funnier still, ever since Beetlejuice, I’ve been looking for Danny Elfman’s name in movies I really enjoy.  After a while, it’s easy to spot an Elfman Soundtrack.