Say it ain’t So Steve

This morning I found an email in my inbox from the Barenaked Ladies.  Apparently, they wanted to reach out to me personally to let me know about their latest 4-man show.  I’ve met them once at a concert, and I often use their Bathroom Sessions as classroom fodder for my PR courses…but I guess they thought it was important to reach out to me..Wait…you got the email too? Ok, nevermind.

At any rate, their announcement shocked me…their first show as a 4 man outfit? So I hit google to find what had happened and to my surprise, Steve Page quit the band….now he’s dressing up as a 1980’s prom king outcast and playing to Fortune cookies to get Decemberist front man, Collin Meloy’s, attention:

Seriously though, this could be catastrophic. The Lennon-McCartney duo of Steve and Ed was what made Barenaked Ladies great.  Apparently Steve didn’t feel that his voice was being used the right way…and though I may side with him, his pipes were downright amazing, I don’t think it’ll fair well for Mr. Page. The last time someone left the band, he did it to his own demise (sorry Mr. Creegan).

At least the guys decided to make lemonade out of the whole thing: they’ve offered a free download of their gig without Steve.

I’ll close on a message for Steve: I’ll miss your stage kicks and cartwheels. Good luck, man.

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