Indie Adventure: Maryland Day

I like to find some of the underrated or even lesser-known attractions and experiences in an area, and publicize them here as Indie Adventures. They represent the Indie Experience, living life outside the mainstream.

So, why do I consider an event that brings an estimated 8,000 people to?

Because I recently got an email from someone who usually knows everything, and she just barely found out about this event…I’ve been going to it for 3 years now.  Plus, I think it’s cool and it’s got a cadre of free stuff. So it counts.

If you haven’t been to Maryland Day, it’s one of THE best free events of the year in the DC area.

Maryland Day is a one-day event where the university of Maryland throws its doors open to reveal all the fun things that people in academia do (no, dictionaries for translating academ-ish into laymen’s terms not provided). In seriousness though, every department comes out, gives tons of free goodies, and you get a day full of fun…for free.

Commercial Indie Part II

I’ve blogged on this before…so I’ll forgo the previous question I posed and pose two new ones:

Is some of the brightest new Indie music coming out through car commercials?

And if so, should I be alarmed?

A while ago, Saturn had a commercial featuring the Band of Horses’ “Funeral.” Infinitely fantastic song. Still one of my favorites. Now Toyota is following suit, but they’re one-upping Saturn, offering free downloads of the music featured in the commercial.

Check it out for yourself.

It may be Indie-Mainstream Pop fusion, but it ain’t half-bad, especially the instrumental one.


No, this doesn’t have anything to do with Indie music.

And, no, I don’t care since no one’s reading this anyway.

I don’t know what I like more about this, the broken English imitation of Sasha Vujajic, or calling Paul Pierce “Cry Baby Weenie Man”…wait, no, I do…Paul “Cry Baby, Weenie Man” takes the cake!

Let the NBA playoffs begin!

If Indie Goes Mainstream, is it still Indie?

I’ve been thinking about this question especially after seeing this commercial:

So, after years of relishing as an out-of-the-limelight element, the recent commercial indie explosion has really gotten me thinking. Indie is known for being hard-to-find, different, and underrated–the type of stuff that mainstream just doesn’t have time for…at least until now.

This commercial has all the hallmarks of an Indie ballad: Low-fi tones bordering on boring, monotone/dressed-down singing, and acoustic simplicity…I mean, it possesses the indie essence, but is there such thing as “commercial” indie, or is that a contradiction of terms?

My hunch is that while we Indie fans have been tired of mainstream carbon-copy music, the rest of the world is catching up…My only fear is that commercial Indie may lead to carbon-copy Indie,  diluting the genrea and destroying its integrity…