Indie Adventure: Maryland Day

I like to find some of the underrated or even lesser-known attractions and experiences in an area, and publicize them here as Indie Adventures. They represent the Indie Experience, living life outside the mainstream.

So, why do I consider an event that brings an estimated 8,000 people to?

Because I recently got an email from someone who usually knows everything, and she just barely found out about this event…I’ve been going to it for 3 years now.  Plus, I think it’s cool and it’s got a cadre of free stuff. So it counts.

If you haven’t been to Maryland Day, it’s one of THE best free events of the year in the DC area.

Maryland Day is a one-day event where the university of Maryland throws its doors open to reveal all the fun things that people in academia do (no, dictionaries for translating academ-ish into laymen’s terms not provided). In seriousness though, every department comes out, gives tons of free goodies, and you get a day full of fun…for free.

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