Malfoy for an Oscar? and Arcade Fire Goes Wild

2679_3511407821The Indie Girl and I saw The Half-Blood Prince today, and not to sound cliche, it’s the best Potter movie yet. Even the Indie Girl liked it, and she’s hated the last 3 movies because they’re too dark.

We all know how the movie ends, I’m sure, but I won’t spoil it either way. In fact, Harry Potter movies have gotten to the point that the ending doesn’t really matter anymore, much less the storyline. It’s all about the way the story is produced–the presentation–and so far, we’ve been let down…until now.

The Half-Blood Prince is cinematographic genius (yes, I spelled that right). It’s an amazing work of art in its own right. Even the Indie Girl noticed how amazing the scenes and special effects are. We’ve gone from silly and nice Sorcerer’s Stone to serious, riveting, and what I think should be legitimate Academy Award material in the Half-Blood Prince.  The set up and delivery of every scene is brilliant. Each elicits such emotion. The highs and the lows, the comedy, and the sadness all come with such perfect ebb and flow. And what is more, the acting weaves so perfectly into the feel of the picture–each of the actors down to the girl who plays Luna Lovegood deliver such staggering performances.

Especially Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy. A simply riveting performance. I used to watch the movies for Alan Rickman’s performance, but in this movie, Felton steals it. His inner turmoil, which seemed a little underplayed in the books, comes out in perfect dramatic form. I know it’s cliche that we all want to see that the bad guy isn’t all that bad after all, but Felton does nothing short of reinvent that classic dichotomy of good and bad within an individual.

Yes, I’m saying it, the Half-Blood Prince deserves serious consideration for an Oscar, and Felton deserves a best-actor nod.  And No, I don’t care if I’m alone in that opinion. It’s a brilliant movie.


As much as I’m excited about Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are coming to theaters this Fall, I think I’m even more excited about the soundtrack. Arcade Fire re-recorded “Wake Up” for the trailer, and here’s hoping we hear a few more choice accoust selections

5 thoughts on “Malfoy for an Oscar? and Arcade Fire Goes Wild

  1. Cool website, thanks for the link. Can I just say that Arcade Fire is awesome on this trailer! I got goosebumps when I saw it. There is nothing better than a great movie with great music! I was going to blog about that too, but never got around to it.

  2. Totally agree, Tom Felton did an amazing job.

    He played a bigger role in this film than in the others and his acting ability really showed. He really does know how to convey his feelings and emotions through his facial expressiions and body language and for me that was the insight in to his chgaracter he did a great job on portraying malfoy and dveloping his character even further. If that dsnt get an ocsar then ppl dnt know what acting is

  3. Agreed rabsx3. Conveying emotions through facial expressions and body language is quite underrated…and most actors (i.e. Jennifer Anniston) have a limited range…Felton showed his range far exceeds most.

  4. agree its a shame that its underrated.

    he really showed the pain. torment and vulnerability of malfoys character and the best part about it was he did it with very few words, it was all him.

  5. And what’s even more underrated…how well he showed the humanity of Draco’s character. He did better than even JK Rowling did in the book. That whole “Draco is not a one-sided bad guy” was nearly lost in the book. Felton’s performance will have people going back to the book and seeing things differently.

    …yet another reason he should get an award.

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