British Beatle Mania

20090908beatlesEvery 10 years or so, the Beatles do something to make themselves relevant again (It’s not enough that Lennon and McCartney are the singular most prolific and successful song writers of all time). In the 90s, it was the Anthology CDs. In 2000, it was the 27 number 1 hits CD…now…it’s Beatles Rock Band.

Now, this post isn’t about Beatles Rock Band…It’s actually more about Beatles buzz…

I’ve got to say, I like the renewed buzz–before I was an Indie fan, I was a Beatles fan. I was raised on Seargent Pepper, Sexy Sadie, and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.  Which is why I particularly liked what I found on today — a Beatle’s personality test

Which Beatle Are You? – Spinner

Incidentally…I’m NOT the Walrus…

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