Reason # 423 Why I like Facebook

423. Friend Farming.

It’s a simple concept really. It’s not just who you know, but who your friends know. With each new connection, you have new opportunities to find people you forgot about.

You see, the problem with looking for friends is that when you click on that “Find Friends” link, it’s like an automatic mind freeze. You forget every name you thought of looking up.  Hours later, you’ll be doing something completely different when all of a sudden you’ll think, “Oh! I wonder if [insert name here] is on Facebook. Mental note to check when I’m back online.” Of course, the thought vanishes the second you try to look for Insert Name Here.

Enter Friend Farming: Forget the friend search altogether, piggy back and your friends’ friend lists and memory problems are nill. What’s more, Facebook facilitates friend farming, with their dozens of friend suggestions.

I’m on a mission to connect with every last person I have ever known. That one kid who…um…well, there was that one person who….well, either way, thank you Facebook, for making my dreams come true.

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