Mates of State in Houston

The Indie Girl and I went to see Mates of State a few weeks ago in Houston. Frequenters of this Indie life will know of this blogger’s extreme bias for Mates of State. Fantastic band. They’ve got such a fresh sound. And, frankly, their release in 2007: Re-arrange Us, is probably one of the best Indie Albums of the Indie Age (ahem, since the year 2000 or thereabouts). The concert did not disappoint. First, the venue, The Warehouse, is such an intimate setting. You really are THIS close to the band:

In their set, they played a good mix of old stuff (stuff from Team Boo even), as well as their newest stuff from their Crushes cover album (which, is quite the nice addition to your indie collection, if you haven’t purchased it yet)  and even new, new stuff, slated to come out later.

I’ll post a few videos soon: Apparently the file format (AVI) isn’t supported on WordPress, which I find is odd.

Stay tuned.

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