Free Download: Andy Clockwise – The Casanova

Andy sent me this track today to share with all my favorite Indie readers (ok, it was his management group, not him, but you’re still my favorite Indie readers). Usually, I’m not a big fan of folksy, slow Indie, but this one intrigues me. Take a listen and I’ll tell you why. Here, I’ll wait (click the link to download it):

Ok, got it? Yes, it’s got a sappy, sad-sack tone to it. And yes, his voice drones a little, almost as if he’s halfway between sleep and consciousness. But there’s something about this that I really like. I find it extremely moving. I even like the palindrome-type cliche that the chorus brings (I remember love – but love don’t remember me), even though that usually turns me off. It’s moving because it’s more than just a rusty old guitar and a voice. It’s the violins that get me. They add a nice bit of orchestration the piece. Sure, it’s amazingly simple, but a good violin track in a song can make all the difference. Take Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on serious depressants, mix in with some My Morning Jacket and Mountain Goats (without the high voice), throw in some violins and you’ve got a really haunting song. It’s like a campfire ghost story, with the raspiness of the hardened campfire veteran telling it. You can almost feel the chill of the night air, can’t you?

Pass me a s’more and let me know if you like it.

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