What no Indie? Itunes new Ping not Indie friendly.

Much ado has been said about ITunes 10, as it launches itself from music software to social media hub. I for one was quite excited about the prospect of a social media realm dedicated entirely to music, but unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived. On the list of media genres with which one can associate oneself, Indie is curiously absent. This is particularly odd, considering that ITunes seems to be a crusader for the Indie genre. Case 1: Ipod commercials have often featured Indie songs and bands, virtually inviting users to explore new, undiscovered Indie talent. Case 2: The free single of the week often features Indie-type music. Case 3: I’ve downloaded lots of Indie from ITunes, and don’t they care about what I like? (Ok, so number 3 probably isn’t valid).

Either way, it’s like I’m in 1995 again. Instead of listing oneself as an Indie fan, users have to select from categorizations like: Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, and Rock. No Indie. No Indie-pop. Not even Indie-Alternative. I mean, how would “one” associate oneself with music similar to Rodrigo Y Gabriela? It’s certainly not “World” music. What about Mates of State? They’re anything but “Alternative”. And I don’t even have a clue where to put They Might Be Giants…

Honestly Mr. Jobs, aren’t we farther than this in the sphere of online music?