This Indie Life is an interactive community for the best in Indie music. Do you ever find yourself talking about a band that no one has ever heard of? When you say, “hey, want to go with me to see They Might Be Giants?” do you usually get a weird look? Do you wish you could talk about the latest Cafe Tacuba album or the latest My Morning Jacket release with someone who actually knows what you’re talking about?

This blog is about the Indie life, specifically Indie music, and we could use your insights. If you’d like to be a contributor, send an email to with an article discussing Indie music (i.e. your favorite band, the latest concert you attended, the latest release…).

One thought on “Contributors

  1. Hi guys. This is a great site. I’d like to contribute if you need contributors. I hear a lot of great indie music on NPR and on my buddies’ ipods.

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