Name That Indie Song: America’s Got Talent

Not that I was actually WATCHING America’s Got Talent tonight (ok, I was)…but for those of you who thought the song at the end of the show, when the night’s official “feel-good” performer came out, here’s the song that was playing:

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova: Falling Slowly (from OST Once)

And here’s the download (a live version). (Yep, who do you love?)

Spinner Interface: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

New Music Spotlight: Slow Club

A little bit Mamas and Papas, a little bit Magic Numbers, and a whole heck lot of happy, shiny fun – Those are the best words I can find to describe Slow Club, a Brit outfit that seems to be on the cusp of making a full-fledged indie splash in the U.S.

Here’s a playlist that indie-friend Super Mike’s wife put together with some choice tunes from Slow Club.

You’ll recognize “Sinking, Drinking, Thinking, Feeling” from a Lays Ad…but frankly, these guys are more than just a one-commercial song-hit wonder (Listen Up Ting Tings and The Submarines). They’ve got a frantic folkiness and a pop poppiness that you can’t help but tap a toe to. In fact, think bouncing BP Commercial babies in a smiley, slappy cartoon world.

Their albums are all on import (read: Too expensive) but you can get some on the cheap at Amazon (though word is if you get their Let’s Fall Back in Love EP featuring the Lays Ad song…that the song actually isn’t included. Can someone verify that?).

You can download a free Slow Club Song here and here and here.

Oh…and a big shout out to Dejah (Super Mike’s wife) for clueing me into the band. Here’s her post from one of the shows.

Indie Bands You May Not Know About but Should: Great Northern

Haunting. Moving. Great Northern’s sounds are entrancing…like waking Love and Rockets from the dead. Great melodies and stirring guitar riffs. I first caught wind of this band on the IndieFeed: Alternative Rock Podcast.

Check them out on their site

Download two of their songs:

Great Northern – Story

Great Northern – Houses