Indie Personality Test

They Might Be Giants

Truth be told…I was the ghostwriter for a best-selling author who specialized in those color personality tests…so I couldn’t resist the idea of putting together an Indie personality test. Below, answer the following questions to see where you stack up as an Indie Lifestyler. When you’re finished, click here to calculate your score.

Note: This test is an ongoing work in progress…I’ll be adding and revising questions on an ongoing basis.

1. Indie is…

a. A type of music

b. A way to live life

c. A girl I knew once

2. Sondre Lerche reminds me of

a. Steve Carell

b. One of those weird words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee

c. A night with food poisoning

3. Iron and Whine reminds me of

a. Skittles

b. The Food Network

4. An Indie band stops being an Indie band when…

a. everyone all of a sudden knows what I’m talking about when I discuss music

b. I’m not the only one listening to the band

c. the band does a cover of an 80s song

d. the band’s song ends up in a Toyota Prius commercial

5. When I talk about my music, I find that:

a. most people have not heard of the bands I listen to

b. people might know a radio-friendly song, but they don’t know the “real” music my bands play

c. I don’t talk about my music

6. I first found out about The Decemberists

a. searching for new bands on or a related site

b. from a friend

c. on the radio

7. When you hear Transatlantacism, what do you think?

a. “Isn’t it that underwater tube that goes under the English Channel?”

b. “What is a death cab anyway?”

c. “Another name for proponents of NATO”

8. Which one of the following statements best represents you?

a. I usually know about bands before they make it on the radio

b. Once I hear a song on the radio, I look into deeper tracks on the CD

c. When I hear a new sound, I enjoy it, but don’t really do much about it.

9. Indie Music is…

a. music that most stations don’t play because it isn’t good enough

b. Rich and diverse music that is too good for the radio

c. The kind of music they play on Ipod commercials

10. When I go somewhere (i.e. visit a city, go on a trip, etc.), I usually

a. Try and see the top places everyone is talking about

b. Like to go and find the golden nuggets, places people usually don’t go, but are cooler than the main attractions

c. I usually don’t travel much and prefer to stay at home.

11. Which one of the following best represents you?

a. I prefer that people know my music.

b. I prefer to be up with everyone else’s music.

12. In general do you think the music on Ipod and new car commercials is…

a. interesting and kind of catchy

b. stuff you’ve heard before

13. In your opinion, the most revolutionary album was…

a. The Beatles – Hard Day’s Night

b. Green Day – Dookie

c. Dave Mathews Band – Under The Table and Dreaming

d. Nirvana – Nevermind

e. New Kids on the Block: Hangin’ Tough

f. Counting Crows – August and Everything After

g. U2 – Achtung Baby

h. The Rembrandts-that one with the Friend’s Theme song on it

i. Anything by Brittney Spears

j. Backstreet Boys – Millenium

14. Arcade fire is…

a. the best thing from the Great White North since BNL

b. A song by the Ataris.

c. A really unfortunate accident that happened in my city–we were all stuck playing Nintendo for months.

15. The Next Big thing in Music is…

a. Sleater-Kinney

b. Death Cab for Cutie

c. David Cook

d. Panic at the Disco

e. Justin Timberlake

16. I get my online music information and downloads from

a. AOL Music



d. Yahoo Music

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