In which I play the part of Andy Rooney

You know what? I like Andy Rooney. Sure, he’s on a boring show (60 Minutes), and he’s basically that old guy who gets 5 minutes to complain about something…He’s kind of like professional journalism’s version of those hecklers from the Muppet Show (except, without the humor, and the laughing).


Well consider this my 5 minutes to complain…without the grumpy old man creepiness…

I think much has been said about the economy. In fact, just when we thought “economic stimulus plans” were going out of style, Obama comes in and asks for even MORE money than Bush was asking for.  The media tells me it’s all about getting people to have money, so they can spend it again.  Sure, that might work, but I have to tell you…there are some specific things we really need to look at. For example:

Airline Food: A few weeks ago, I had a 5 hour flight across the country on an air carrier which will remain nameless so as to protect the innocent (it rhymes with Famerican Fairlines). Before getting on the plane, I bypassed the over-priced food peddlers in the airport thinking that I could probably survive on the stale pretzels and swallow of soda they offer.

Much to my dismay…when I got on the flight, I was informed that my stale pretzels now cost $4.00. And my swallow of soda would be an extra $2.  Yes, I am being serious. It’s piracy in the skies. You can buy a 5 Guys’ burger or you can get a bag of exactly 4 stale pretzels.

In this time of economic uncertainty and general depressing outlook, it’s nice to see that companies like American Airlines…er, I mean Famerican Fairlines, was nice enough to pass the cost on to us, their happy customers.