Free Indie of the Week

Ok, so I can’t promise this will be weekly, but here’s a recap of the best free indie songs on the web right now:

Crooked Fingers – Phony Revolution(from Glider Magazine) – I may not know what on earth they’re saying at the end of the song, but this one has such a unique but exciting sound, I had to put this one at the top.

Calexico – Convict Pool (From – This is older, but I still think it’s one of the absolute best online Indie has to offer.

Barcelona – First Floor, People – This is one of two songs you get from the secret download page for Barcelona–what an entrancing song.

Army Navy – Saints (from – Classic alternative beat and guitar licks. Loud but not annoying. Even uncharacteristically catchy and dare I say, radio-friendly? nah.

The Republic of Tigers – Buildings & Mountains  (ITunes free song of the week) – This one is classic Indie, a little electronic. But, hurry, you have until Tuesday the 23rd to download it, then it’s gone, and Itunes will probably feature another boring song no one likes (they’ve been on a roll with a few good songs in a row, they’re due for a long draught of lame songs)