Free MP3 of the Day: New Band of Horses

Got this one straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

On a side note, Amazon is really starting to impress me with their free Indie stuff. 5 years ago their free download selection was putrefaction. In the last month, they’ve offered free Rogue Wave, Free Indie-commercial music, and now this.

The 1st Flans N’ Linnell Brooklyn Ambassadors Award

Named after They Might Be Giant’s two Johns…this award goes to the band with the combination of most original sound and the most effective approach to gettting its name out there and building a relationship with indie fans–otherwise known as Public Relations. TMBG revolutionized going against the grain, bucking the notion that you have to be signed by a major label to build a fan base. From “Dial-a-Song” to following fans lifestyle change and breaking into the kiddie music market.

Ok–enough of the explanation. The first Brooklyn Ambassadors award goes to…

Band of Horses

Ok…so there’s nothing extravagant about this…it’s pretty simple. Not only has Band of Horses gotten its sound out there with commercial gigs and other of the usual indie outlets, the band has offered its BEST songs for free download. Funeral. No One’s Going to Love you. The Great Salt Lake. They offered their very best. Most bands offer a paltry slice of what their tunes…Band of Horses let’s you have the best. I expect great things from this band.

Sometimes, you just like the title

I’ve admitted this before, but I have no special access to new music (I’m working on that one…and any PR people interested…send something along), but I find some of the most interesting music at the Indie Library in my area. Now, I call it the Indie Library, because it has some of the most diverse NEW music…yep, new music. I’ve found the more recognized bands like Interpol, They Might Be Giants, Spoon, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, and others…and then there’s the little known stuff. My most recent find came because I happened to like the name…

Caribou’s new album, Andorra.

I honestly had never heard of them, but I used to live in Barcelona, Spain, and have visited Andorra, and I quite liked it, so I went ahead and picked it up. RealPlayer tells me it’s a new experience in post-punk type record. I think they’re right…but I’d give Caribou the “Band of Horses” award for being on the verge of breaking through. There are some good tracks on this CD, and what’s more, it’s new and innovative.

You can find a legit-free download for the lead track at here

Overall, half of the short album is insignificant, but Caribou shows some flashes.