Enjoy a Cafe Rarity


Cafe Tacuba. A rare band that you’ll only hear on Morning Becomes Eclectic on So Cal’s KCRW. They hail from Latin America, but have beautifully married their cultural roots with the Indie sound. I’ve enjoyed them for years, and then I found this one at the local library. Reves/Yo Soy is a 2000 release that’s nearly impossible to find. It’s a 2 CD set, one completely instrumental and the other featuring moving voice tracks rich in Spanish rythm and social commentary.

Only one word can capture the essence of Reves/Yo Soy: Haunting. Not many tracks would be considered “radio friendly” but after my first listening, the melodies and rhythms kept coming back to me. And the messages are entrancing. “Padre” is a song that captures the moment when you wake up and realize that after years of trying to avoid becoming like your dad, you’re there. “El Ave” is a brilliant social commentary mixed with up-tempo beat about the decaying state of society and the desire to escape it all.

I’ve found that the lyrics and musical genius of this album just don’t go away. Once you hear it for the first time, you’ll be hooked.

I was, and after seeing its $60 price tag on Amazon, I bought the copy the local library had and haven’t stopped listening to it since.