I have never been a fan of the life drama movies. They tend to be wayward, pointless, and altogether boring. I could lump a number of movies into this category, and one day, I’ll do a top 10 stupid life drama movies. Rest assured, this movie and this movie will top the list (I’ve never wished more that I could have any 3 hours of my life back than watching those movies).

That being said, Juno may have very likely turned everything around for me. Absolutely amazing movie. It’s not because of the dry humor, or the Indie music, or the ingenious one liners they give Ellen Page (though those are all great reasons to like it too). It’s because it’s real and it’s actually interesting. What’s more, the characters are complex, likable, and so gosh darn intriguing you can’t help but watch. In the end, the message is great: take responsibility for life (The reason the Indie Girl said it was such a good movie). If you haven’t seen Juno…definitely worth watching.

Incidentally…the song at the end of the movie is fantastic. Here’s the video (which WordPress won’t let me embed). Good lyrics…especially the line “we both have shiny happy fits of rage”.