Kiddie Indie?

They Might Be Giants are the undisputed pioneers of moving from Indie to Kiddie rock, as they’ve done so seemlessly, and many of their kiddie songs attract the parents as much as they do the kids.

But, the latest band to make a foray into the kiddie music scene has me wondering. Barenaked Ladies are releasing a kiddie CD that apparently has a Western flare to it. The obvious question is: Is this going to be a pattern in Indie? But deeper questions raise issues in my mind about the direction BNL is going in. I am admittedly a huge fan of BNL, and have even met them personally. But I have to wonder why they’re doing this.

First, the band’s name is a bit difficult for me to connect with the kiddie space. Kids don’t get adult sarcasm. How many parents really want to get into a conversation with their kids that starts with, “Mommy, why are they called barenaked ladies?” I usually just call them BNL in front of my kids. But still, there are issues there.

Second, TMBG moved into the Kid scene because their music is easy to translate into that space. The style is still TMBG, the silliness and zaniness is characteristic of TMBG. This album by BNL is apparently supposed to have a Western theme.  Our friends from the Great White North touting a Western theme? Did I miss something?

Maybe I’m too pessimistic here, and I’m sure album will be awesome. Most stuff by BNL IS. I’m just a little disenchanted with the idea of BNL moving into the Kiddie Space. How many other bands will tire of the adult indie scene and try out kid music?