Proper Opposition?

I was born and raised in California, and though I don’t live there now, I can’t say that I haven’t taken interest in the developments of Proposition 8. In particular, I’ve been receiving several emails about some of the things that have been going on as we get closer to voting day.

  • In one email, I was told about church members being harrassed and haraunged by protestors of proposition 8, disrupting their God-given (and constitution-given) right to have a peaceful worship session. Apparently, shouting obscenities and harrassing innocent people is a legitimate lobbying strategy.
  • Another email expounded situations arising at elementary schools. Apparently, a charter elementary school in Hayward, California, is promoting gay and lesbian ideals to kids as young as kindegarten. The school celebrated “Coming Out Day” last week, featuring a major pro-homosexual push typically aimed at high school students. Reportedly, school officials chose not to tell parents ahead of time. Apparently, when giving “equal voice” to the other side (traditional marriage), posters discussed the notion of families by depicting homosexual families.
  • Another email recounted the experience of a kindegarten class attending a teacher’s homosexual wedding as a class field trip, without even notifying the parents.

I’m sure I’ll get more emails as we get closer to November’s election day. But in light of some of these reports, I have to say: I find it intriguing to see Proposition 8 opponents’ strategy here: Opponents to Prop 8 are using the type of forcing-their-values-on-people strategy that they claim traditional marriage supporters exert on them. So much for “do unto others…”

What’s more…last time I checked, we don’t actively promote traditional marriage at elementary schools. But for some reason, Prop 8 opponents think it’s ok to target children who aren’t even mature enough to understand the difference, and are quite impressionable.

I don’t care where you stand on this issue–activists for or against this proposition should be targeting the constituencies that have a voice in the election: voters. Not their children.