Message to BNL: Never is Enough

2591_140659470726_12589090726_6292787_3387540_nNow, I understand it’s tough to re-build on the fly. Steve Page leaving the Barenaked Ladies is nothing short of catastrophic. In times of crisis, the decisions you make are critical…and I’m concerned about one that BNL may have already made.

Their latest email featured a link to download their recent concert in Orlando–which I must say is a nice touch. (I think every group or company going through a crisis should give stuff away–especially the banking industry.) It didn’t take long to realize who was replacing Steve as 2nd lead vocal: Kevin Hearn.

 Now. I love Kevin. I think he’s a virtuouso at the piano, and an amazing guitarist…but, he’s no singer.

Apparently BNL is set to hit the studio in a month. If anyone at that studio is reading this, I have one humble request:

Please don’t let Kevin Hearn sing.

I’ve blogged on this before. Kevin’s voice is ok, but it’s boring and bland. It even borders on being flat. Don’t believe me? Listen to the Orlando concert.

If Kevin replaces Steve as the 2nd lead vocal, it’s the end of BNL  as we know it.  If anything, let Ed sing everything and redefine who you are–that is, ditch the belting-out vocal songs and go total Indie, but don’t let the guy who’s voice is dry and often off-key sing.  Heck, even let Jim Creegan sing–at least he can stay on key.

If Kevin is really going to replace Steve,  I have one thing to say: To quote one of their hits from not too long ago–“Never is Enough”.