In Case You Missed it…Charge!


Ok, so I bought this CD quite a while ago, but I started thinking about it when a student of mine in the Communication course I teach at the University brought it up in an informative speech about the Ska movement. The funny thing is, labeling The Aquabats’ 2005 release Charge! simply as “ska” just doesn’t do it enough good. This is much more than Ska…it’s some fantastic experiment in humor, satire, and down-right rocking music. It starts off with a serious poking-fun of mod/misfit fashion and moves effortlessly through the Aquabats’ unique but appealing mix of rock and general hero work (you know, defeating the evil impending horde that threatens to destroy the world and all surfing as we know it…just the usual) with rhythmic fashion. My favorite song is Hot Summer Nights, a satirical song about a guy whose delusional about a girl he met on the beach, and his utter inability to pick up on the hints she leaves him (and in this one, Christian plays the role of both the guy and the girl…it’s a must hear).

In a conversation with lead Singer Christian Jacobs, he told me, “I never thought I’d be a Superhero Rockstar when I was growing up”…I think there’s a reason why he is, and this CD is proof positive of why the Aquabats are still going strong.