Taking the Indie Life in a New Direction

IMG_1497Anyone following this blog (or should I say, anyone left still following this blog?) would know that I’ve been on a little hiatus from blogging. Ok that’s an understatement. The last post I made dubbed Arcade Fire the Kings of Indie following their “newest” release, Reflektor. Yeah, it’s been a while.

So, what have I been doing with my lengthy blogging sabbatical? Besides teaching, researching, and otherwise fulfilling my professorial responsibilities?

Take a look:


Yep, I’ve been traveling… a lot. My research and teaching have had me outside the U.S. for a good portion of the last two years…and it’s not letting up any time soon.  I’ve always believed that the “Indie Life” is one dedicated to exploring the under-explored, experiencing the in-experienced, and an altogether rejection of the mainstream. My travels with the Indie Girl and my Indie Kids have followed that tune.

So I thought, why not mix my 3 favorite things: My Family, Traveling, and Indie Music?

So,  I’ve launched a new endeavor for This Indie Life…an Indie Music meets Indie Traveling YouTube Channel called Expatriate Snippets. There, I post short quirky travel videos highlighted by some deep Indie music to promote great music and great places to travel.

I’ve also launched a corresponding travel blog at http://expatriatesmiths.blogspot.com, where I have been posting travel insights. I’ll continue posting on This Indie Life as well.

Subscribe to the channel, leave a comment, or like. I’d love to get your feedback. I’ll continue to post on this blog, but will also leave more in-depth insight on the